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ITRS will consult with you on your current technical processes and use of technology to discuss how you can better use the technology available to enhance your business productivity and reduce the costs associated with old and clunky processes. We can provide new and innovative solutions to enhance existing systems.  We can help you to update your business image by providing a modern design and enhance your business image online. We can redesign network processes and provide documentation and support to all new systems that we implement. Descriptions of our services along with a breakdown of services and information about different types of services is available in the next section.  Please contact us at any time to discuss your business requirements and find out where technology can take you in the future.



Our Services

Communications Tools, Mapping & Alerting Systems, Plotting Tools

New Systems Development, Systems Upgrade, Systems Integration, Built in Redundancy

Our Search and Rescue / Technical team will meet with you to define the requirements of your project and ensure that all your requirements can and will be met.

We develop solutions to meet your specific requirements and ensure that each system is robust, with built in redundancy for maximum availability and minimum support.

ITRS Standard Full Service List

The following are standard services for any project or development.

  • Technical Consultation
  • Review and Recommendation
  • Proof of Concept
  • Project Management
  • Design and Architecture
  • Procurement
  • System Configuration 
  • Installation
  • Training and Support
  • Documentation

ITRS Emergency Response

The following services are available anytime, for any emergency response

  • Immediate Initial Response
  • Site Selection & Evaluation
  • Requirements Review
  • Recommendation
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Logistics & Coordination
  • Communications & Network Install
  • Full Support and Documentation
  • Ongoing technical services

A full consultancy is recommended prior to beginning any project

We will meet with you to discuss how technology can work to improve your or enhance your business

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation meeting can be held on-site or on-line to discuss your ideas and the nature of the development.

Review and Recommendation

A systems review can be completed to determine the viability of the development. This will result in an immediate solution or recommendations to conduct a scoping exercise.

Proof of Concept

We will work to create a functional test version of the proposed development and explore the business components of the development.  The resulting scoping document or report marks the completion of the consultancy service and can form the basis of a project plan. The next logical step for most developments is to explore the technical requirements of the system and design a working solution using current technology.

Right Place, Right Time, Right Price

Business Solutions designed to meet your requirements and your budget

Full service for Business Solutions includes new systems development, new installations and retrofit or upgrading current systems.  We will carry out a review and make recommendations before any development takes place.

We offer project management services for all projects to ensure that the development is completed on time and within budget.  We will also provide documentation and training for any systems we develop.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation.

Ensuring your business continues even when the worst happens

Planning for your business to continue running when your workplace is unavailable

ITRS can analyse your business requirements and provide a recommendation for Business Continuity Process (BCP) for your business.  Your BCP needs to be regularly reviewed against requirements. We will then procure and implement your BCP technology and set up regular BCP exercises to ensure that your business can perform as required should an event occur.

Contact us to arrange your initial consultation.