A few examples of our work

Below are snippets from some of our interesting projects.
A Communications Solution

ITRS scoped and provisioned an online collaboration tool for Search and Rescue (SAR). During a SAR incident it's common to have multiple agencies using their own systems, and often others involved aren’t able to access them. This generates a risk that things could be missed and misinterpreted. This tool allows any person with internet access and a web browser to enter the shared area, where all the key information about the SAR incident is being held, discussed and disseminated.

An overseas project

ITRS was tasked with an extremely challenging project and timeline to develop a critical piece of software. Within a matter of weeks we were able to deploy overseas with hardware and work with the local team to develop a specialist application to meet their business requirements.


The project timeline was incredibly tough with an immovable deadline, although we are delighted to report the project and the overall target event was a successful outcome.

An effective and economical solution

One of our clients asked us to find a technical solution that would save his business money. We worked very closely with them to ascertain their business requirements for the upgrade. Servers and a network were installed as a trial. The new network was then rolled out to the two larger offices with the core network installation and upgrade of the clients in the main office, followed by a full office roll-out at the satellite sites with full training provided in the new processes. This network saved the business its own cost of installation within the first year and continues to save each successive year that it is in use.

Operations Centre
Search and Rescue Operations Room

This particular project focused carefully on working between the work requirements and technology available. The room layout and technology installed was designed to be inituitive to use, robust and quick in response.

Cospas Sarsat
Beacon Alerting System

ITRS was asked to develop an alert receiving system for 406MHz Distress Beacons to replace a legacy network. The new system employs multiple communication paths to the mission control centre providing redundancy in the link technology, and the software has been designed to specifically meet requirements for responding to beacon alerts.

Emergency Management
Incident Command Centre Architecture

ITRS was contacted on the day of a large ship grounding to advise and assist the response team by ensuring their communications and technical capability throughout the incident.   We managed the architecture and installation of communications, technology, and hardware at the Incident Command Centres (ICC) in Tauranga and the Remote Operations Sites coordinating and working closely together with local providers.

The ICC installation eventually had to relocate to cater for the immense growth of the response team and was completed within 26 hours from the site confirmation on day four of the response. It was estimated that on day 8 of the incident the ICC facilities and technology was supporting around 580 onsite personnel and many more in remote connected sites.

Search and Rescue Database
Resource Database

New Zealand has many Search and Rescue (SAR) Operators spread around the South Pacific, each with different specialities and resources available. The NZSAR Resources database was designed and developed exclusively by ITRS. The on-line system brings together all of the capabilities information for all of the known SAR operators in New Zealand and highlights their homebase information. This allows SAR Coordinators from all agencies to have real time access to up to date information about resources and capabilities from anywhere around New Zealand during a Search and Rescue incident

IT Rescue Solutions

It seems like such a long time ago now. Way back in 2007 IT Rescue Solutions Ltd (later known as ITRS) was formed. From that day onwards it has just been full steam ahead.