Our Focus

ITRS has a special focus on developing the technical capability of Search and Rescue in New Zealand.  We have worked with several Search and Rescue Agencies in the development of many tools now widely used in the sector and actively supporting Search and Rescue efforts. We understand that Search and Rescue is not a nine to five job and isn't subject to weekends or statutory holidays.  Our systems are designed with built in redundancy to ensure maximum up time and minimum support to leave you available to do what you do best. Our systems are designed to meet the requirements identified for the project and are fully tested prior to implementation.  We provide training, documentation and support services during new systems integration. The sections below describe some of the systems developed and implemented by the team at ITRS.  Some of these systems were developed by our technical specialist prior to ITRS being formed.  All of these systems have been developed to meet the special requirements of Search and Rescue. Contact us today to arrange your free consultation to discuss how we can help you help others.

Responsive, Intuitive and Reliable

The advances in technology have changed Search and Rescue (SAR) dramatically over the last decade. With the introduction of modern communications and distress beacons the public expectation of rapid response and recovery has increased. In Search and Rescue Operations, reliance has grown considerably on the availability of SAR systems and modern communications technology. Search and Rescue teams can still perform these tasks without this newer technology; however the speed of response is usually significantly affected.

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Amazing Features

Guided project management

ITRS has great experience in managing technical projects and working closely with you to ensure the end solution matches the requirements you are looking for.

Modern design

We work with modern technology to provide you with the most up-to-date and cost effective options available.

Secure and reliable systems

With Search and Rescue the focus is typically based on the capability and performance of the solution. We add to this by making sure the design is throughly tested for security and reliability.

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